White House responds to Esports Visa petition


The white house has responded to a petition to allow Esports stars to be recognized as a “Internationally Recognized Athletes”  for the P1-A Visa.

esports white house responce

This response follows the petition which obtained over 100,000 signatures. This is a benchmark where the White House guarantees a response.

The White House response seemed to “avoid responding” to the crux of the issue. Their response outlined the P-1 Visa was, explaining that every case is “reviewed on its own merits” which is why they are unable to respond to TSM “Leffen”s case.


TSM leffen

Leffen was originally denied the P-1 Visa, as a professional Smash Bros Player, he was not recognised as a “Internationally Recognized Athlete”. The petition was originally created to help him and set a precedent for following cases where Esports stars were caught up in Visa complications.

The White House completely failed to address the issue in Leffen’s case and leaves us back at square one on future cases.

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Hopefully in the future, America and other countries will grant professional Esports players visas to travel freely without complications.


View the original petition Here