Who won IEM Katowice (SPOILER) – LoL – All games recorded

Skt IEM Katowice

SKT wins the 2016 IEM Katowice.

SK Telecom T1 completely dominated their opponents in the finals of the IEM Katowice League of Legends tournament. They took out Fnatic, the top European team 3-0 in an amazing final. Fnatic only made 28 kills combined from the 3 games.

Game breakdown

Game 1 – (15 SKT – 10 Fnatic)

The first game promised so much, with the two of the best teams in the world going head to head. This game was extremely close, with Fnatic and SKT trading kills in both picks and fight. Both teams were also able to secure a few dragons as 5 were taken in 35 minutes. Note that Febiven should definitely be credited for getting an amazingly earned solo-kill first blood against SKT’s star player, Faker.

Game 2 – (10 Fnatic – 25 SKT)

The second game was nothing like the first. Fnatic were ahead by around 1k gold in the early game, however they made an early mistake, Spirit was mispositioned after the dragon fight, allowing him to be easily picked off by SKT. This was the beginning of the end for Fnatic, with a kill being fed to Faker, he was able to snowball and deal a crazy amount of damage in team fights.

Game 3 – (19 SKT – 6 Fnatic)

Fnatic were able to get first blood against SKT, but they constantly made mistakes after that which led to their demise. This game was a complete smash by SKT, with the risky and uncalculated fights from Fnatic. Fnatic surrendered after 3 members were killed in an attempted baron steal at 22 minutes.