Why League doesn’t have voice chat

Here are a few reasons why Riot won’t implement an ingame chat system

As we all know, even as fellow League players, it is pretty obvious that the League of Legends community is pretty toxic…. very toxic. Widely known as one of the games with the highest toxicity, even without the voice chat system like dota2 or csgo, the League community has really built a bad name for itself. Another reason why Riot won’t implement a voice system is also because they don’t think it will work well, as while there is proof that better communication can help better tea co-ordinated players, Riot believes that the in game pings are enough.

The video above was made by youtuber “BoilNoodles” and was trending on reddit which lead to huge community support, over a thousand up votes in less than a day! While this may be somewhat of a joke, I can definitely picture this arguments between teammates which will lead to more of the signature insults from League players.

Honestly, I think Riot should implement a voice chat system. Even if there are a ton of toxic people, there should also be a mute button to deal with negative players like what is currently done in the chat system anyway.