Why Santorin headed to the EU LCS

Santorin explains why he signed with H2K and left NA

While he is considered a ‘North American’ player, Santorin is Danish but has never played in the EU LCS, until now. Santorin was previously considered one of the best junglers, however, he has not reached his peak since his time on TSM.

In an interview, he addresses the ward meme, laughing it off but also giving the impression it really hurt him in his time in NA. The ward meme originated when he was on TSM due to his passive play style later on the team, where he failed to make anything happen, instead relying on Bgerjsen to carry.

Santorin states he wanted a new change, thus deciding to head to the LCS, stating not everything’s about money when asked why he didn’t take that ‘NA money’. The jungler highlights a key difference between EU and NA, especially his time on TSM, where sub-optimal plays would trend on reddit, leading to players being attacked on the site.