Wild packs and adventures return – Hearthstone

Blizzard has reintroduced various Wild expansion packs back into the shop

Return to the Wild!

As the Hearthstone community is slowing down, and many are moving onto the rival card game “Gwent”, Blizzard is aiming to win back players with some nostalgia. While wild cards can be crafted, Blizzard has previously removed any previous expansion packs from the shop to encourage new players to purchase the new cards, and overall force people to play standard. However, Blizzard has changed this recently by creating a Wild tournament, the first of it’s kind ever since they changed the Hearthstone system, splitting Wild and Standard.

Blizzard will soon release the patch which will enable all players to not only purchase past packs, but also, past expansions. This will likely lead to a huge influx of Wild players, making the scene much more fun as least experienced players will tend to settle for easier decks such as mech mage or pirate warrior. The larger wild palyer base will also make it much easier to hit higher ranks if you already play the mode, as it is likely that the newer players will enter the mode clueless of previous cards, being use to standard for so long.