Winter Treasure IV – UPDATE


The last Winter Battle Pass Treasure has been released in a patch this week featuring an Ultra Rare Dazzle set.

The released sets are for Luna, Brewmaster, Magnus, Legion Commander and Naga Siren, with an Ultra Rare Darkclaw Emissary set as an elusive rare drop.


Each treasure opened increases the chances of receiving the Dazzle treasure, but don’t get sucked in, it’s still very rare.

The patch also added predictions for the Group Stage and Main Event for the Shanghai Major. Each successful prediction adds more points to the battle pass increasing your level, and getting you more treasures.

So perhaps wait to see how many you get right before spending too much on the latest set of shiny hats.

The update also brought some fixes and the addition of new heroes to the Workshop. So a few more heroes will start to get items in the year ahead.

The patch details and notes can be found on the Dota 2 website.


A follow up patch has added a custom ability icon for the Dazzle set and reduced initial game load time by a second!