Winterfox vs Luminosity – Train – ESL Pro League Tips, Odds and Preview



Winterfox and Luminosity are matched up against each other in the ESL Pro League Match to be held on the 10th of March 2016 at 05:00 CET on the map of Train.



Winterfox hardly ever play Train and it is probably one of their worst maps. Their results are shown below.


Winterfox Train


As you can see they have won only one match and as such their performance is quite bad on this map. They are underdogs here by a large margin and considering the quality of the team that they are facing a bet on LG would be the smarter choice here.


Luminosity AKA LG have been playing very well and their team is one of the best in the world on Train. Coldzera holds off B site on Train very aggressively yet always manages to get at least one frag and a ton of information if Winterfox do decide to come to B site. LG play this map aggressively on either side leading them to get a lot of information regarding the positioning of the enemy team. Of course they do take the risk of actually running into the entire enemy team however if that does happen then they end up going for a aggressive push on the other side of the map. LG’s communication seems on point and they definitely have been playing well.


The Prediction : 65%-35% LG

The Bet : Medium on LG