Wizards sign Team123



Wizards eSports have been involved in several teams since the inception of CSGO. Their involvement has been pretty on and off. They had some good runs in some tournaments especially towards the end of 2014.


The roster signed by the Wizards organisation is :

  • rezex
  • martiNwk
  • acor
  • Celrate
  • fr0slev

We are very hyped to really start this team up and get into more practice, as well as the oportunity to play under Wizards. It’s very nice to know that we have an org that can fully support us with our player goals.

Overall the team was created by me, using my time on the Danish CS:GO scene to “scout” players. I started to PUG a lot with players like martiNwk and acoR, and after players like Fr0slev and celrate were introduced to me by other friends we quickly started to play a lot together.

Our roles in the teams are: Rezex – IGL, Support (AWP), celrate – Rifle, Fr0slev – Rifle, acor – Rifle, Support (AWP) and martiNwk – Rifle, Lurk.

The team will play their first official match today against their Danish counterparts in Astralis.


Do you think this team can cause upsets in the upcoming matches?