World champion Pavel takes first place in GameGune

World Champion Pavel is on a roll with yet another major win.


The GameGune was a major tournament as Spain’s €22,500 LAN invitational. This was the first tournament fans got to see Pavel back from winning the Hearthstone World Championships, where the player took home an amazing $250,000 USD.

Pavel originally struggled in the first round against “StanCifka”, where he managed to scrape through with the win in an amazing 3-2 match. Coming from this, he only improved by having an extremely strong performance against AKAWonder, where his loss could have went either way. The final match against Mariodela was a total smash, partly from good plays from Pavel and horrendous RNG from Mariodela.

The win today reaffirms Pavel’s standing in the Hearthstone scene, as is a relief to many since it is common that World Champions in games in general drop of after their win. We expect to see much more of Pavel in the Hearthstone scene, and I can’t wait to wait for next year to watch him get to the next World Championships.