World’s Biggest Esport Bar To Open In Quebec

meltdown-esports“Geeks, antisocial? That’s what the success of Meltdown has proven wrong; in just a few years, this eSports bar chain has become the staple meeting place for gamers thanks to its video game stream broadcasts, its unique assortment of cocktails and its free computer access.

Building on its success in Europe, Meltdown opened its first Canadian bar in Montreal early last August. The chain now looks to Quebec as its next opportunity to do big things!

The Québécois will have the unique pleasure of coming to have a drink in the biggest eSports bar in the world. Passionate gamers will be able to come watch streams, get a bite to eat and challenge their peers on the virtual battlefield in a venue boasting a size of over 5,000 sq ft.

On October 1st, the opening evening will play host to a list of some of eSports’ most famous celebrities with the likes of YellOwStaR, RotterdaM, and MaSa amongst other surprises. An electric atmosphere and an amped-up crowd await those that attend!”

Thats the official statement by Meltdown Bars. The Meltdown bars are supposed to be the biggest eSports bar in the world right now. They are piggybacking on the thriving esports industry.

At an impressive 5,000 square foot, the first Meltdown bar outside of Europe will open on October 1st with a number of special guests including LoL players Yell0wStaR and MaSa and Starcraft player RotterdaM, with the promise of other celebrities.