X vs ArchAngels Tips Odds and Betting Previews, RGN Pro Series EU Qualifiers



Team X and Archangels are matched up against each other in the Group stage of the RGN Pro Series EU Qualifier to be held on the 1st of August at 18:00 CEST

Team X roster consists of Friis, Snappi, Moddii, valde and Glaive. The dominantly Danish roster has proven its worth previously having played together for a long time initially under the organization named CopenHagen Wolves. Their only loss in their past five matches comes off a 0-3 loss to Epsilon. However they have won matches against teams such as Spirit, Pride, Tyloo and Cyberzen. The calibre of these teams is quite high especially with Cyberzen and Tyloo being right on top of their regions ( Asia). Pride and Epsilon too have been causing upsets and winning many other matches againstt other EU counterparts.


The ArchAngels roster has some very young and talented individuals. Players such as Fetz, downie are upcoming talent, but they lack experience. They have the raw aim required to defeat a team such as Team X, but the experience and the map pool difference if quite big. ArchAngels have a narrower chance of winning this match as it is a Best of Three.

The Prediction :60%-40% Team X

The Bet : Low onTeam X