X vs Dignitas , Tips Odds and Previews – RGN EU Qualifiers

RGNTeam x and Dignitas are matched up against each other in the RGN EU Qualifiers to be held on the 1st of August 2016 at 2200 CEST.

Team X has one match prior to this match versus ArchAngels. The ex-CPHW roster has had a steady flow of wins in their past matches. But the calibre of teams that they had faced up till now does not compare to Dignitas. Their match against ArchAngels should be of particular importance as nothing but a stomp should qualify them for a chance to defeat Dignitas.


Dignitas are definitely amongst the top 15 teams in the world. The Danish roster has undergone several roster changes recently. We have not seen much of the team to be able to judge them, but going off the existing players’ talent, it does seem Dignitas comes in with an advantage in this matchup.


The Prediction : 65%-35% Dignitas

The Bet : Low on Dignitas