Xixo, Hoej along with Surrender join new team

3 Former CLG Hearthstone members leave to join team “Planet Odd”

While “Planet Odd’ is a new team, with little to no info that can be found, their new Hearthstone line up consists of 3 major names in Hearthstone. Xixo, Hoej and Surrender are all renowned players in the competitive scene, previously representing Natus Vincere before moving to CLG early this year before leaving just a month and a half after. Since mid March, Xixo, Hoej, Surrender have been free agents before all of them decided to group together once again and join new organization “Planet Odd”. The organization has only been formed only for a few day, having only created their official Twitter account January this year, first post being on the 19th of March announcing their new Hearthstone roster.

New or not, it is undeniable that the newly formed team will become a huge power house in the Hearthstone scene. This can be expected from the success of the previous members, having appeared in eight major grand final appearances between the 3 players. Both Hoej and Xixo will make their first appearance under “Planet Odd” in the EU Spring Playoffs while Surrender has opted to compete in the Asia pacific regional playoffs.