Xpecial leaves P1

Post game interview revealed Xpecial confirmed it would be his last game with the team

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As the NA LCS season wraps up, Xpecial has mentioned in a post game interview with a Riot game host that it would be his his last game with the team. This follows an interview done a week prior, where he revealed to fans that he is looking at other options outside of competitive play, either into the coaching line or casting line.

His many years of experience would definitely help newer players develop, or even the older veteran improve. As a casting, it wouldn’t be too bad too, as he is renowned for great analysis / in game knowledge. Nothing has officially been released on P1’s side announcing Xpecial’s release, so it is POSSIBLE he will remain with the team as an analysis.

Whatever he does, Thank you Xpecial for contributing so much to the competitive League of Legends scene