Yahoo esports to shut down

Travis has announced a letter that Yahoo esports will cease all operations

To our readers and viewers:

Unfortunately, Yahoo Esports will no longer be updated after this Friday (June 16th). As Yahoo Sports becomes part of Oath, they are focusing on aligning with the new company strategy and are focused on growing the Yahoo Sports brand.

Due to Verizon buying out the Yahoo company, they have decided to merge previous Yahoo operations together into another website currently in development, “Oath”. Travis, the head of the yahoo esports division announced in his letter that the company wished to focus on their Sports division, and as a result, were forced to drop some of their other fields such as esports. While Yahoo esports isn’t the biggest publisher for gaming related news, they were certainly a large player with a fairly decent following.

Travis also stated that the Yahoo esports site will stop updating, and will cease operations from the 16th of June. Travis has yet to announce if he will be joining another website or continue free lancing as a esports journalist like he did previously. It is likely he will continue his work of reporting as he has some great connections, however, he has stated in his letter that he wishes to work with his former team members once again.