yam withdraws from Renegades

Long term veteran “yam” has left Renegades

Extremely unexpectedly, both due to his long bonds with Renegades and his fair performance yam has decided to quit Renegades. It is yet to be announced by either the team or yam the exact  reason for the departure, however, both have told fans that it was vaguely due to “personal reasons”. yam announced that he will be leaving Renegades effective immediately and return home and have Renegades without a player for future tournaments and have forced the team to quickly rush a suitable substitute player that could replace the star. It is fairly clear that yam and Renegades have both parted ways in good terms. yam also tweeted that he will give a further explanation for his decision and also his future plans.

Currently for Renegades, they have decided to take on Michael “Uber” Stapells as a temporary replacement and has been very successful so far. The team has now qualified for the FACEIT’s Electronic Sports Championships in a stunning 2 – 0 against Selfless and being able to secure the spot due to TSM’s withdrawal from the second promotion match.

Current Renegades roster :

Simon “atter” Atterstam (stand-in)
Michael “Uber” Stapells (stand-in)
Justin “jks” Savage
Aaron “AZR” Ward
Karlo “USTILO” Pivac