YamatoCannon joins Vitality

After being dropped by Spylce, he will act as Head coach for team Vitality

Team Vitality has announced in a post through their website along with a tweet that YamatoCannon would be joining Vitality as the new head coach. As noted in their tweet, Vitality will be signing the coach pending Riot’s approval, so nothing is finalised yet. However, it is extremely likely he will be approved, as it is prior to the start of the new season, and all records of YamatoCannon has been great.

While dropped by Spylce, YamatoCannon remains one of the most well known and respectable coaches, and overall is a great pick up for Vitality. The move will allow Vitality to fulfil their goal of 2017 to pick up their current roster and give them a fighting chance against all the other great EU teams which too have remarkable managing staff. Vitality has recently been extremely shaky, as not only did they lose their previous head coach “Shaunz”, but also “Hachani” whom moved back to his home country, Korea. As a result, Vitality placed a miserable 3-10, but remained in the EU LCS due to Origen having an even worse split performance this year.

As a coach for Spylce, YamatoCannon can certainly bring huge results and completely upset expectations. When he joined the team, they had only placed 8th in their first split. As time went on, he was able to completely reform the team and take second place in the EU LCS 2016 Summer split which allows the team to advance to World 2016.