YapzOr joins Team Secret

YapzOr will be replacing pieliedie as he enters Team Secret

Yazied ‘YapzOr’ Jaradat will join Team Secret and replace pieliedie after the Kiev Major ends. This news comes before the ending dead line for teams to change up their roster which ends on the 16th of May to drop players and the 24th of May to pick up new players. The announcement comes somewhat as a shock, as while the team isn’t performing at their best, there have been no certain issues with pieliedie.

That said, YapzOr is definitely an upgrade for the team in terms of individual skill. As the announcement is still fairly early, this is the best time to pick up YapzOr to ensure that the team can bond and overall play better in game. As YapzOr is one of the most well known aggresive support, it’s great that Team Secret signed him fairly early so his laning partner along with his team can co-ordinate much better.