YellowStar joins Paris Saint-Germain esports as team manager

Following news of retirement from the his professional playing career, YellowStar will join Paris Saint-Germain esports as the head of their esports division.

YellowStar announced that he would quit being a player since he was continuingly “feeling more and more exhausted after hours of playing” however, he also mentioned that his “inner motivation is still as strong as on the first day”. This statement he made on an announcement via facebook certainly gave hints while he would be retireing from play, he would go on to continue and stay on in the scene.

I am extremely happy to hear that YellowStar will be using his 6 year long expertise in the League of Legends scene to help other teams and players further themselves along with the esports scene. YellowStar had been recognized as one of the best player in the Western region, and has therefore earned the respect of players all around the globe. This was surely one of the reasons why Paris Saint-Germain esports (PSG) decided to pick the former player up to help them lift off.

Paris Saint-Germain is a Football club with muiltiple teams in the industry, including one professional team who plays “in the highest tier of French football, the Ligue 1.” Their decision to expand in the Esports scene was first announced when PSG decided to purchase team Huma’s spot in the 2017 European Challenger Series Spring Split. They have yet to sign any player, but their decision to sign YellowStar has made it obvious that they will be giving free reign to him to aquire new members.

The future of PSG esports is looking extremely well, as not only have they secured a spot in the 2017 European Challenger Series Spring Split and signed YellowStar as their Head of Esports, they also have extremely deep pockets to sign the best of the best. Since YellowStar stated that “The main objective of 2017 will be go to the LCS, the first League of Legends division”, I believe the team will finalise on players AFTER the League of Legends World Championships finishes. This will allow the team the to acquire the best players this year with their money, and in turn allow them to be the best in the region.


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