Yorick rework coming soon – Patch

Thing Yorick is dead? Think again! Upcoming Yorick rework confirmed by Eu Riot games Employee.

Riot DanielSAN Employee at the European Riot games branch has posted that some serious changes will be coming soon, such as the Yorick rework expected to be in effect patch 6.18 or 6.20. He is confident that there will be some exiting reworks too, directly translated from Italian he mentions that “… With Yorick they were exceeded. I promise!“. This phase refers that Riot has put tons of work into the rework, and it is likely to exceed our expectations through all their hard work.

riot yorick rework

Check out the leaked post Here (Italian)

Beside the information given that Yorick will be reworked, he states in the post that “Obviously I can not reveal anything about Yorick “. It is very likely that through the reveal of the rework, the skills will be released on the PBE and publically released. Riot is reworking Yorick in hopes of getting him playable again, since many top laner tanks are completely smashing Yorick. His late game now is pretty good, but not as powerful as top tier laners such as Swain or Gnar.



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