Youporn vs Orgless – UCC Finals Tips, Odds and Preview

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Youporn and Orgless are matched up against each other for the UCC Finals on the 17th of February 2016 at 13:00 CET




Youporn have had some really bad results. Their team chemistry and aim in general has continuously faltered leading them to consistently be on the losing end of the matches. They have lost 3 out of their 5 recent matches with one win coming on a really lower skilled NerdRage team. Youporn’s lineup consists of Dima, Davcost, Kikaben, Softik and Arch. As you might have already seen these players were all part of other teams. They have come together to form their team and while it’s a decent team on paper, they are not as good as Orgless.



Orgless have been on the losing end of several matches nd have not been able to bounce back after the exit of Barcode. They have had a string of losses recently losing to Ancient, Efrag and even fm-Esports in a humiliating pattern. However the team definitely has potential as can be seen from their several victories in the past. For this match Youporn have a slight advantage, however the advantage will be very small and could go either way.


The prediction : 60%-40% Orgless

The Bet : Low on Youporn

Risk : High