YP vs Flipside Tips, Odds and Match Preview – hosted by UCC 2016

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YP vs Flipside

Today we inspect YP against Flipside in a best of three event hosted by Uprise Champions Cup: Europe. Both these teams have encountered once before with the popular experienced team , Flipside Tactics taking the victory.

YP have won 20 of all games they have played giving them and overall win rate of 54% which is pretty impressive for a mediocre team. They have earned a 80% win rate of their last five games by winning four games in a row against names such as Epsilon, RCTIC, Nostalgie, Neophyte.

Flipside are the professional tier 1 – 2 team with experience playing in ESL Katowice 2015 and other large tournaments. Flipside have earned a win rate of 80% of their last five games with wins over PENTA, Planetkey, G2, Panters, Nostalgie.

Due to all the information and statistics collected and the experience of Flipside give them the advantage in this match and really hold back a low tier team like YP from excelling and winning those critical rounds although YP have won 4 of their last games and are on a win streak which gives them a trickle of a chance to win this game!

Team Rosters ;

YP: kibaken, DavCost, S0tF1k, Dima, arch

FlipSid3: WorldEdit, markeloff, B1ad3, Shara, bondik

Prediction and Odds: My prediction is Flipside to 2-0 YP . 73% to Flipside and 27% to YP.

Calvin Hynes.