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YP vs HSGG. 

As part of the ” Uprise Champions Cup Season 4 Pre-Qualifiers ” we are taking a look at the Best of Three match up between YP and HSGG. Although both teams are a low tier ( Tier 3 – 4 ) we are looking at some at the mix of ex professional Counter Strike players that is HSGG ( Four fifths of HR with the current player of HellRaisers Dosia and WayLander who is an ex Piter player ) . Don’t get too worried because YP also have a number of professional players such as DavCost from FlipSide Tactics.

HSGG have not completed five games yet as a team for my to fully analyse their game styles and if they are fully capable to win but they have a very well capable line up with their experienced lineup this could possibly be HSGG’ opportunity to claim their fame.  HSGG have actually lost all their games so far giving them a 0% win rate.

YP have won 13 out of all 27 games they have played giving them and overall win rate of 48% which is pretty impressive for a mediocre team. They have earned a 40% win rate of their last five games by winning two of their games against LC and  Esuba.

HS.GG: wayLander, hooch, mou, adreN, Dosia.

Team YP: S0tf1k, kibaken, arch, Dima Bandurka, DavCost.

My prediction is 58% for Team YP.

Calvin Hynes.